4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Air Filter

When the signs indicate the need to replace the air filters, do not delay the task. You’ll only worsen the situation if you do not replace the filter when it is time. But, exactly what signs indicate that it is time to replace your air filter? The four signs below are some of the most common.

1- Age

How old is the filter in your unit? All filters have expiry dates and when that time comes, make sure that you replace it on a timely basis.

2- Strange Sounds

If you notice unusual sounds that were not heard before, perhaps it is time to look at the air filter. If it is dirty or otherwise in need of a replacement, there will be noises that alert you to this fact.

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3- Odors & Smells

When smells are coming out of the air filter, particularly the distinct smell of gas, there is little doubt that it is time to replace the filter. Not only does gas odor cause health risks, it impacts your car’s efficiency as well.

4-Service Engine Light

If the service engine light on the dashboard is showing, then it is time to get your vehicle into the shop to make a replacement right away. The air filter light on the dashboard is one of the first signs of trouble for most drivers.

If you notice the signs above when driving your car, it is time to find a great Donaldson filter distributor VA without delay and get a replacement as soon as you can. A distributor has the right filter to meet your needs at a price that will put a smile on your face. This filter brand is a top industry name that will surpass your expectations.